Monday, April 30, 2012

White Paisley Wedding Cake

Paisley White Wedding Cake

The theme of the cake centered around the distinctive paisley design.

The paisley design is incorporated across a variety of cakes through the years, and it is a beautiful design element for wedding cakes. The sideways teardrop design is of Iranian and Indian origin and serves as a great way for a couple to incorporate pieces of their ethnic origin into the cake.

Close-up of Paisely designs on wedding cake

“Persian pickles” is truly a historical term used to describe paisley or just a fictional offshoot of the popular “Persian Pickle Club” book.

What does seem to be accurate is that the actual origin of the word Paisley was derived by a town in Scotland of the same name. Other interesting derivatives of the name include Mankolam (from India) and Boteh Jegheh which the Persian translation.

Paisely Print Wedding Cake at the Park Avenue Club

The cake itself was covered in whtie fondant with piped paisley patterns on each tier in white with pearlized details. Flavors and fillings included chocolate and vanilla cake with oreos and cream buttercream, chocolate buttercream, coffee buttercream, and hazelnut buttercream.

Here’s another popular wedding cake design with a similar paisley design pattern:

Paisley Wedding Cake

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